Do you own things or do they own you?

Minimalism isn’t just about owning less stuff. It’s also about engaging with things that add value to your life. If you own 20 pairs of shoes, but only enjoy wearing one or two pair, then those extra 18 pairs of shoes are taking up physical and mental space without adding value to your life.

Imagine reclaiming half, of your closet space by simply getting rid of those extra shoes. Imagine needing a smaller closet in a smaller house because those shoes aren’t there. Now apply that same concept to all areas of your life.

What one thing can you remove from your life today that wouldn’t really impact you today, but over the long term would add to your collective freedom? Now, give that one thing away. Take it to Goodwill, give it to a friend, give it with a club, post it as a free item on Facebook, Nextdoor, or some other online marketplace. If it has tangible market value and that money would help you financially, then sure attempt to sell it. But for fast ultimate freedom, just let it go.

Don’t worry about how much it cost or how long you’ve had it. Embrace the freedom that come with not having it in your life. It’s worth the mental health, physical space, and time spent managing it over a lifetime. If you are nervous, try this with something small. Dip your toe into the waters of streamlining your life and ease into bigger things. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels.